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What did you think of the 2013 NCLR ALMA Awards?

So what did you think?  Last Friday the 2013 NCLR ALMA Awards® aired live on MSNBC for the first time since its inception.  It was an amazing night for Latinos in entertainment and an inspirational, touching experience for all of us who worked on the show.


Whether you took part in an ALMA watch party, viewed with your family, or saw it on your own, I know you got the same goose bumps I did when Sebastien de la Cruz sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” before a room of celebrities on their feet with their hands over their hearts.  The images many of you submitted exclaiming "I am American" contributed to sending a strong message along with this segment.  Several things about the show were different this year, and we hope these changes made for your best ALMA experience yet.  To better connect to our mission as an awards show with a purpose, we focused on community and cause, making for some very memorable moments, such as Sebastien's performance.


In my professional role within the show, I had some remarkable behind-the-scenes experiences that further reinforced why there is nothing like the ALMA Awards and why it is so very important for everyone to tune in and celebrate the great contributions of Latinos to American entertainment.  During a conversation with Ana Ortiz of Devious Maids, she said something to the extent of "I love the ALMA Awards.  I feel at home here.  It's great to walk in and know everyone.  It's just so great to be here and celebrate how far we've come.  That's why I will keep coming."  I told Ana I'd quote her on that—hope I got it right, Ana!


This sentiment was echoed by Aimee Garcia of Dexter when she told me, "This is like going to band camp, only it's Latino camp…you come back every year to see your friends.  You come in and it's hugs everywhere and everyone is so happy to see one another.  I had friends who grew up going to Jewish camp.  ALMA is our camp."  I couldn't agree more, Aimee.  It is awesome to see some of our most brilliant stars and newcomers alike gather around the NCLR ALMA Awards with this great spirit of camaraderie and a desire to make a difference.  To all of our honorees, presenters, and performers:  thank you for your time and dedication.


For you ALMA fans out there:  although the show just aired, you don’t have to wait until next fall to rejoice in an ALMA experience.  We are year-round, coming to you with exciting news, announcements, sweepstakes, and opportunities that only the NCLR ALMA Awards can provide.  Take part in our surveys every month for a chance to win fabulous prizes straight from the ALMA talent gift room.  I saw some light blue boxes and other goodies back there that could be yours!


Be a part of our dialogue on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and don't forget to read this blog, as we will update it regularly.  Also look out for guest blogs from your favorite celebs and change-makers.


Thank you ALMA fans for your interest in our cause.  Keep it coming!

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