As the NCLR ALMA Awards celebrates its fifteenth edition, we are pleased to honor 15 individuals who have made an impact in film, television and music. This group, known as “The ALMA 15” are the official ambassadors of this year’s show. We thank this eclectic group of rising talent, seasoned trailblazers and active advocates whose success we are truly proud of. Over the past few weeks, the ALMA 15 has promoted the NCLR ALMA Awards and our mission to their fans and followers. Their participation at this year’s show is yet another landmark in the unfolding ALMA legacy.


ALMA’s 15

  1. Christian Acosta
  2. Maria Canals Barrera
  3. Jessica Carrillo
  4. Cast of Devious Maids (Ana Ortiz, Judy Reyes, Edy Ganem)
  5. Daisy Fuentes
  6. Jesse Garcia
  7. Jorge Gutierrez
  8. Constance Marie
  9. Michael Peña
  10. Alexa Pena Vega
  11. Fatima Ptacek
  12. Gina Rodriguez
  13. Robert Rodriguez
  14. Wilmer Valderrama
  15. Jacob Vargas