Happy 2012!

Posted January 03, 2012 by Jessica Mayorga
Happy New Year and welcome to ALMAAwards.com, your official source for news, promotions, and show details for the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards®! While our 2012 show promises to deliver another exciting, entertaining, and unparalleled lineup of the nation’s finest Latino talent, this site goes beyond our September broadcast and provides you with a unique perspective on the advancement of Latinos in American media. Most people assume that the ALMA Awards show is named for the Spanish word for “soul,” but ALMA actually stands for American Latino Media Arts. NCLR’s mission, through ALMA, is to raise the bar and promote opportunities for Latinos in entertainment and in the media while also encouraging the development of stories that accurately depict the American Latino experience.
As ALMA grows and evolves, so will this website and our presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll see more about ALMA throughout the year, and not just about the show broadcast. You’ll have opportunities every two weeks to participate in a contest that ties directly into ALMA as a mission and as a show, as well as to the accomplishments of Latinos in entertainment. Every week, we invite you to visit the “Industry News” section of the ALMA site for updates about how past ALMA nominees and recipients are civically engaged and what else is being done throughout the nation to improve the face of Latinos in the media.
Your opinion matters! Contact us regularly through the website, through the ALMA Facebook page, and using the #ALMAawards hashtag on Twitter. We read everything you send us and we encourage your involvement in the mission of ALMA.
Throughout the year, look for new videos, interviews with artists, and behind-the-scenes clips from last year’s ALMA Awards courtesy of our media partners: Telemundo.com and AOL Latino. Visit their sites to continue the ALMA conversation.
Become part of the movement. Engage others in the mission of ALMA and tell us what you want to read more about, which ALMA Awards artists you want to get to know better, and what information you need to have an impact on how Latinos are portrayed on the big screen, the small screen, and the radio. Together, we can move mountains in 2012!

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