Edward James Olmos answers your Filly Brown questions!

Edward James Olmos plays Leandro in "Filly Brown", in theaters now!



Having been a part of the industry for some time, what major differences have you seen in the way the Latinos are treated in the industry? 
Nothing much has changed we are still not where we need to be. We are still only 2% of the images seen in film, but hopefully with movies like Filly Brown that will change.

What was it like not only working with, but receiving direction from your son in Filly Brown? 
It was wonderful he’s directed me once before. My son and Youseef Delara did a wonderful job on this film, I’m very proud of the work he’s done. It’s always fun to work with your family.

What inspires you to do what you do?
The love of the work and the privilege I have of living the life I have. It has been a dream and now I’ve been living this life for over 44 years.

What life lessons can viewers, especially Latinos, extract from Filly Brown?
A sense of understanding that our stories are rare but very poignant and that the family should always be united.

How does the cast of the movie feel about the great impact Latinos are making in Hollywood? 
We are all very proud of this work.  The future is brighter because a story like Filly Brown has arrived. We all feel very strong about his movie especially because there are so many amazing actors in it.

If you could describe your character in Filly Brown in one word, what would it be and why? 
Activist. I play the role of a lawyer that tries to help Filly Brown and the community.



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