An ALMA Year-in-review

An ALMA Year-in-review
By Jessica A. Mayorga
2012 was undoubtedly an amazing year for Latinos in American entertainment. While we’ve suffered losses like our beloved Lupe Ontiveros and international musical sensation Jenni Rivera, we’ve seen their work remembered by diverse communities throughout the nation.
We’re proud of the efforts of our ALMA alumni who’ve starred in feature films, sold out major concert venues and topped the charts with fresh new sounds that bring Latino flavors to popular music. We’ve seen ALMA awardee Romeo Santos’ Formula Vol. 1 become the top selling album on the Latino format while the film End of Watch featured Michael Peña in a co-lead role.
2.7 million of you tuned in on September 21st to watch the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards on NBC. You contributed to millions of impressions on Facebook and Twitter talking about your favorite ALMA moments, how surprised you were to learn that Ryan Lochte is of Cuban heritage and telling us how much you loved Eva’s 11 dresses. The wide variety of talent that presented, performed and accepted awards on this year’s show reflects the impact of Latinos in every aspect of American entertainment.  But, this is only the beginning.
In coming weeks, we’ll unveil an upgraded ALMA website providing you more opportunities to interact and be a part of our regular conversations around the importance of promoting diversity on screen and on the airwaves. 2013 will deliver new contests, prizes and trivia. ALMA is about you, what you listen to and what you watch and how we ensure that Latino entertainers have the opportunity to provide positive portrayals of our community to all audiences. So we want to hear from you. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, this ALMA blog and by email. Tell us what you want to know more about in the space of Latinos in entertainment, and ask us questions that we are happy to answer through our regular blog posts. In 2013, we’ll provide you, fans and followers, the chance to submit your own blogs that might just appear on the ALMA site. We grow more innovative and more expansive with your input so don’t hold back!
So, as we welcome a new year, we want to know, what is your 2013 ALMA-resolution? What do you want to know more about? Who do you want to see or hear? What are most looking forward to in Latino-American entertainment and what are you expecting from your favorite ALMA stars? Click here to submit your entry and become eligible to win a prize straight from the ALMA Celebrity Gift Lounge.
On our end, we are hoping for an increase in the number of Latinos on the big screen and small screen playing powerful and positive roles and we are looking forward to a great soundtrack for the year to be made up not only of our good friends like Pitbull, Naya Rivera, Shakira and Christina Aguilera but also newcomers and rising stars. And finally, we look forward to connecting you to what our community’s talent are doing and how they are contributing to a new mosaic in American entertainment.

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