ALMA: Beyond the Big Screen

Posted March 1, 2012 by Samantha Ferm
The spirit of ALMA, while originating in the entertainment world, goes beyond the big screen and the Top 40 countdown on the radio.  While we honor, respect, and admire the hard work of the individuals who have carved a path in television, film, and music, we also love seeing the ALMA mission manifested in other arenas, like food.
For example, check out the strong ALMA spirit of these Latina chefs who are making major inroads on television, bringing the flavor and variety of Latin cooking to the world while at the same time making it more accessible and familiar.  Ingrid Hoffman of the Cooking Channel’s “Simply Delicioso” and “Delicioso” on Univision, Evette Rios from “The Chew” on ABC, and Marcela Valladolid on the Food Network have all brought the ALMA of Latino culture and heritage to a much wider audience—and that audience is responding as Latin flavors grow in popularity, not only on TV but in cooking schools throughout the nation.  We love seeing these talented Latinas on TV increase cultural awareness in their own “foodie” industry!
So now we ask you: are you an ALMA star in your own kitchen?  Who do you think of as an ALMA star, whatever the industry?  We’d love to know!
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